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Torjik QUICK•Y!

The Torjik QUICK•Y allows two low-pressure propane appliances to be connected to the quick-connect output on your RV. Many RVs come with one, low-pressure female quick-connect port. The Torjik QUICK•Y plugs into that female quick-connect allowing you to have TWO female quick-connects available.Now you can run TWO low-pressure propane appliances at the same time! Cook with your BBQ/grill and enjoy your fire-pit at the same time. Warm up with a heater and run your propane lanterns. With the Torjik QUICK•Y, 1=2! Available in the common ¼” size as well as the larger 3/8” size and ¼” with shut-offs. Camping, tailgating or at the RV park – do more with the Torjik QUICK•Y!


Connect your WEBER® Q® portable propane grill directly to your RV’s low-pressure quick-connect port with the Torjik CONVERTA•Q®. No more little green bottles or carrying an extra bulk tank! The Torjik CONVERTA•Q® kit allows you to easily convert your WEBER® Q® grill to connect to your RV’s low-pressure quick-connect port. The CONVERTA•Q® kit includes:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • 8 Ft. propane hose with necessary conversion fittings
  • 1 oz. tube of Pipe Joint Compound
  • 2 oz. bottle of Torjik LEAK•SEE

The Torjik CONVERTA•Q® will convert the following WEBER® Q® portable propane grill models: 100, 120, 1000, 1200, 200, 220, 2000, 2200.


The Torjik CONVERTA•C® kit allows you to convert your Coleman® Roadtrip® LXE portable propane grill to a quick-connect setup for use on your RV’s regulated propane quick-connect supply port. The CONVERTA•C kit includes a 8 Ft. propane hose with necessary brass connections for the conversion, 1 oz. tube of Pipe Joint Compound and 2 oz. bottle of Torjik LEAK•SEE. The CONVERTA•C makes using your Coleman® Roadtrip® easier and more enjoyable than ever. Torjik CONVERTA•C.

The Torjik CONVERTA•C will convert Coleman® RoadTrip® LXE Grills, as well as other portable grills.


Torjik LEAK•SEE is a specialized leak detector for pressurized gas. Apply LEAK•SEE to joint. Bubbles will form within about 5 seconds if joint leaks. We recommend using it any time you make a new connection. Clever AND safe!


Torjik RV•KIT

This simple little kit could be the savior of your next family RV vacation! The Torjik RV•Propane Maintenance & Repair Kit provides you with the tools and basic information that will help solve the majority of propane system failures. Don’t be left in the cold, be prepared. Keep the RV•Propane Maintenance & Repair Kit in your RV and you will have all you need for minor fixes and regular maintenance. If you encounter a propane problem in your RV and can’t fix it with this kit, it is likely a major problem and you need to see your RV dealer for repairs. The Torjik RV•Propane Maintenance & Repair Kit includes:

  • LEAK•SEE (2 fl.oz.)
  • Teflon Pipe Tape
  • 2 Pilot Orifice Broaches
  • Venturi Tube Brush
  • LEAK•SEE (2 fl.oz.)
  • RV Propane System Maintenance & Repair Tips